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Scollon Productions, one of the world’s premier costume character designers and manufacturers, takes pride in each and every one of the over 5,000 costumes that we have created over the past three decades.

Research & development has always been, and always will be of major importance at Scollon Productions. We are continuously testing and experimenting with new adhesives, substrates, foams, fabrics, etc. to improve the quality and flexibility of our products. As a result, we have a variety of innovative materials and proven procedures available to keep us well ahead of the competition. When you choose Scollon Productions as your source for costumes, it will keep you ahead of your competition.

An overview of a few of our construction techniques follows:

  • Costume heads are sculpted to ensure exact character likeness and replication
  • Digital photos are taken once the sculpt is completed, and emailed to the client for input / approval.
  • Molds and patterns are made to ensure no deviation from the original design will occur. Guaranteed replication for multi-production orders.
  • Depending on your application, heads can be fabricated from a variety of products including high-density foams, ABS plastic and carbon fiber.Maximum vent
  • ilation and vision ports are cut into each head. All vents are camouflaged. Provides for optimal vision.
  • Depending on the character, a helmet, harness system or shoulder brace is installed. The center of balance is constantly maintained. Maximum wearer comfort and control.
  • Optional wearer cooling fan can be installed in the head, including switch and rechargeable battery.
  • Costumes are all machine washable in cold water, and should be line dried. No dry cleaning required.
  • Body shape is effectively achieved with polyethylene rings that tie into the costume lining. Rings hold costume away from wearer for ventilation, and are easily removable for cleaning.
  • Rings also allow costumes to collapse flat for shipping and transportation, providing substantial shipping savings.
  • Costume hands are separate for easy replacement. Attached with either Velcro or snaps, or extended sleeves are used to prevent exposure.
  • Costume feet are also separate, and made of polyester foam construction, canvas reinforced and crepe neoprene soling.
  • The materials we select for use in your costume will be the highest quality available. We currently have over 5,000 yards of specialty fabrics in stock.
  • Each production department at Scollon Productions has a working supervisor, each with over 15 years of experience with the Scollon method of costume character construction. Four full-time artists compliment our production staff.