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Costume Extras

Ventilation Fan - $275.00
Runs off standard 9 volt battery for hours. Fan is mounted in costume head.

Cool Vest - $90.00
Uses pliable, refreezable Cool Pacs. Freezer required to chill Pacs.

Custom Shoes - $350.00

Replacement Hands - $150.00

Animate Your Costumes
with moving eyes, mouth (radio controlled or wearer/cable controlled), etc...

Shipping Trunks -
Custom Sizes Available

Lightweight, stock sizes:

37" x 23" x 20" $255.00
26" x 26" x 26" $255.00
24" x 20" x 22" $255.00


Lightweight cases are 1/4" thick polyethelyne. A separate lid is provided with a handle on top. A handle is also provided on each end of the case. The lid is secured with nylon webbing straps and "pinch-clip" closures. Steel corners are used throughout.

Heavy Duty Trunks
Laminated fiberglass, recessed hardware closures: Hinged lids and wheels available. Call for a quote based on size and options.

Tote Bags
From $135.00

Costume Refurbishment

Complete clean-up and repair service available for your costume. Just send us your costume and we'll report back to you with our recommendations and a price for the work. We won't begin any work until we receive your approval to proceed.

Your costumes are a reflection of your business. You should return them at least once a year for a thorough cleaning and maintenance.