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Ship & Store Program


To relieve the client from the herculean task of storing, shipping, following-up and maintaining their character costumes. And to ensure that the costumes are always complete and look their best .

How Our Program Works

  1. We store your costume(s) in our warehouse and ship them immediately upon receiving mailed or faxed instructions from an authorized person.
  2. At the time we receive shipping instructions we should be advised when the costume(s) should be returned. We will follow-up to be certain they are returned.
  3. As the costumes are returned we will check to be certain they are complete, attempt to run down any missing items and report to you anything that has been lost or severely damaged.
  4. All costumes will be cleaned and any necessary repairs will be made.
  5. The clean and repaired costumes will be stored, ready for shipment.
  6. Each shipment to and from our warehouse will be made via the transportation mode dictated by you.
  7. Due to the large volume of costumes shipped each day, we have been able to negotiate some extremely attractive shipping rates with the largest and most dependable shippers in the world. All Ship and Store customers are able to take advantage of our discounted rates, provided agreed payment terms are met.

The Cost

The cost for this service is extremely reasonable. Please call Rick at extension 48 for specific pricing information.

Our charges include storage, cleaning and all minor repairs to the costume. It does not include repairs of severely damaged costumes or replacement parts due to ordinary wear and tear, or the replacement of parts lost in the field.